ADL "No Place for Hate" Difference Maker of the Year



The Anti-Defamation League selected Kaitlin as the 2012 honoree for her workshop series and advocacy to combat bullying across New York State. She has continued as a friend and advocate for the ADL's "No Place for Hate" program, presenting and hosting at various events in the New York City area. 

No Place for Hate

An initiative of the Anti-Defamation League, No Place For Hate is a school program designed to enhance a culture of respect and to create a safe, bully-free learning environment for stu

dents at all grade levels. In compliance with the Dignity Act, No Place For Hate offers schools the opportunity to be recognized for their staff development and student training related to bullying, harassment and discrimination. 

City-wide chapters exist across the country, including Atlanta, Austin, Cleveland, Dallas, Denver, Houston, Las Vegas, Omaha, Orange County, Philadelphia, Santa Barbara, San Diego, San Fransisco, Seattle and St Louis.

State and regional chapters include Arizona, Florida, Michigan, New England, and New York.


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