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Emmy nominated within her first year on the job, traffic anchor Kaitlin Monte is creating a new breed of savvier, happier commuters in America's #1 TV market.

For 4 hours each weekday, Kaitlin captures imaginations by leveraging her backgrounds in engineering and theatrics to craft reports that entertain and educate.

Kaitlin goes beyond the roads. As a reporter, she has two goals: make you smile, and make you smarter. 

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Popular Reports

Living Independently: Special Needs & Technology – In New York City, an organization is using smart technology to give their neighbors with disabilities the one thing every American values: freedom. (View Full Story)

Revival of Vinyl – Vinyl record sales beat digital music streaming by $60 million in the first half of 2015. That’s up 52 percent from last year. In the age of digital music, tangible media is having an undeniable heyday. (View Full Story)

Teachers v. Robots — Could artificial intelligence and robotics make teachers extinct? Kaitlin speaks with the Assistant Director for Advanced Manufacturing and Robotic at the Office of Science and Technology Policy of the Executive Office of the President to learn why educators will always have the upper hand. (View Full Story)

Meet Claws, the 95-Year-Old Lobster – A monster from the sea found it's way to Long Island, and captured the imaginations of residents across the Big Apple.

Red Hook Regatta – Behind a 3D printed boat race on the historic Brooklyn waterfront, there's a program giving students a paid leg-up to become leaders in the increasingly digital world. (View Full Story)

Technology Couture – Tech is allowing brands to offer customizable looks with designer quality fabrics, fit and styling at up to half the price. Kaitlin Monte explores the made-to-order model of three brands: eShakti's for women's apparel, Alton Lane for mens suits, and Left Shoe Company's innovative footwear. (View Full Story)

Miss USA Workout Secrets — Nia Sanchez shares her favorite tips for keeping tone all year round. Her full-body moves make up a perfect 20 minute workout that can set any woman on the path to fitness. (View Full Story)