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Authors and advocates come together.
Sharing age-old tales of how to overcome bullying.

By Random House & Listening Library 

Kaitlin joins "Sticks & Stones" author Emily Bazelon, "13 Reasons Why" bestselling author Jay Asher, and many more as part of a compilation of audio resources providing insightful looks at how to address the issue of bullying in today’s world. Browse by age range to find top novels, short stories and teaching tools.

The power of listening

Growing up alongside a sister with severe dyslexia, Kaitlin learned the value of alternative learning tools and audio learning at an early age.

In addition to serving as vital tools for those with reading or language struggles, audio books have proven to be valuable tools for strong readers. On average, students can listen two grades above their reading level. Audiobooks expose them to text that’s beyond their reading ability and challenge their vocabulary and comprehension. 

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 Audiobooks have the capacity to increase vocabulary, provides correct pronunciations of English, dialects, and non-English words, build comprehension skills and promotes critical-thinking. They have also been found to expand children’s attention spans and sharpen listening skills.

85% of human learning is auditory. 30% of kids are auditory learners. For children and teens, listening is the dominant learning medium, fundamental to learning all the other language arts: reading, writing, and speaking.

According to North University of Texas professor Sara Lundsteen, “Children who are better listeners are also better learners…In particular, children who comprehend well through listening do the same when reading.”