Anti-Bullying Through Leadership Workshop Series

Since 2011, Kaitlin has been working with audiences of all ages to discuss the individual and societal effects of bullying, abuse, and harassment. She serves as a strategist for schools and organizations to pair them with the best student support resources and strategies. 

Voice for the digital generation

Students need to discuss contemporary challenges with someone who has faced them firsthand. Rather than talk "bullying," Kaitlin's youth leadership approach to the issue of peer aggression has earned national accolades and brought her before over 50,000 students state-wide.

An army of one

You cannot always stop a bully. "Zero tolerance" policies continue to bring false hope to students across the country. No more more waiting for "adults" to help. Kaitlin puts power in the students' hands. 

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Taking action

Actionable tactics for handling bullying, intimidation, insecurity and conflict through discovery of individual capability and relevance within a broader picture of their world.


Opening up

From dropping out of school to avoid bullies to being stalked by an abusive ex, Kaitlin shares anecdotes to engage an open, peer-to-peer conversation about growing up in the digital age.



What do LiteBrites, Tyra Banks and doughnuts have in common? Active, story-based methodology ensure memorable lessons that can be understood and executed.


"You find yourself totally pulled in like when you watch a great movie. I especially enjoyed seeing how she adapted her message for the two different age groups...Kids know when people are for real. They definitely felt a connection with her at all age levels."

-Sheri DeTar, York Central School District

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Workshop philosophies

Power is a good thing

Rather than criminalize the pursuit of power, help students understand the fundamentals of the human desire to feel in control. There are ways to become powerful without causing harm to others. 

We write our stories

Nearly everything we do is a choice. Each becomes a line in the story that is our life. Never let others write your story by forcing influence over your choices. Take ownership of your narrative. Learn to more write a life story that is bold; one you will be proud to retell, line for line.

We are puzzle pieces

Somewhere, you fit perfectly. Perhaps not here. Perhaps not anywhere you know of – yet. Expanding scope is key to understanding how not "fitting in" is so often a temporary struggle as you make your way toward the place you belong. We must not change who we are to fit in, least we leave a hole in the world where we were meant to be. Similarly, we must respect those who do not "fit in" with us knowing they are, somewhere, a perfect fit.

I don't believe in confidence

People say "be confident" as if it is were so simple to will anxiety away. It's ok to be afraid, but not ok not to be your own defeat. Whether standing in the final three at Miss America, walking into a final exam, or walking up to the girl you had a crush on - be not confident, but bold.

Don't give it away so cheap

In the digital age, friendship has become the click of a button. Ten thousand followers will forever pail in comparison the the intoxicating joy of true friendship. We must learn not to give ourselves away to easily to those unwilling to put in the effort to truly know and care for us.

The Donut Story

Students around New York State have become Donut Fairies. It's what Kaitlin's father meant when he taught her, "it's amazing what you can accomplish when you don't care who gets the credit"